Mini Mama Statement Glass Philanthropic Bracelet

HopeAnchor & Crew


The Mini Mama Statement Glass Philanthropic Bracelet is handmade with blush and glass beads and is available in multiple sizes and in any word including Mama, Mom, Mommy, Nana, Gigi, Mimi etc.  ** Please be sure to click
"To customize click here," in the cart and specify which word you would like. If this customization is not specified, the standard "Mama" will be made. 

Sizing is as follows- Our bracelets are stretchy and sizing is the size of the bracelet

XS             6.5 inches

S               7 inches

M              7.5 inches

L               8 inches

XL             8.5 inches

Thank you for joining our crew and making a difference!! "Wear Our Jewelry, Share Her Journey."