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HopeAnchor & Crew partners with select businesses and boutiques to offer our Philanthropic Jewelry to their customers.

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Become A Non-Profit Partner

HopeAnchor & Crew is passionate about bringing awareness to philanthropic causes in the central Indiana area and around the world. We believe that Hope Anchors the soul and our communities. We are truly better together! To apply to become a non-profit partner or create a customer collection for your organization, please email us at partnerships@hopeanchorandcrew.com..

Crew Community Fellowship

Crew Community Fellowship empowers young women to create meaningful, handmade jewelry while providing a holistic path to healing, health, and hope. We promote work and life skill development and enable women to work towards achieving more independence and wellness in every area of their lives. To Apply for Crew Community Fellowship, please e-mail us at hopeanchorandcrew@hopeanchorandcrew.com