Our Story & Mission



HopeAnchor&Crew was founded by Social Worker and Mama of five, Lindsay Schloss, has always felt deeply the burden of those in need and has worked and served in Child & Community Services in Indianapolis for over 13 years. Rooted in her faith, with the love and support of her greatest blessing, her family, Lindsay launched HopeAnchor&Crew, Philanthropic Jewelry. Encompassing all of her personal and professional passions Lindsay's deep desire to make an impact in communities locally and globally remains the priority of our organization, while leaving a legacy of social service and generosity.  

HopeAnchor & Crew's Mission is to empower women to create handmade Philanthropic Jewelry shining light and giving back 10% to local and global causes in our community.  

Our Residential Fellowships serve disadvantaged women in our community, many survivors of domestic violence & trafficking currently living in a residential setting. We prepare and empower women to live full balanced lives, while focusing on the health & cultivating skills and tools in all 10 areas of their lives.  Through this they achieve self-confidence, independence, and are given an opportunity to take control of their own lives & give back to their communities as so they are more equipped to successfully transition into the community and enter the global marketplace.       

At HopeAnchor&Crew We Believe:

~ Hope is an Anchor for the Soul & A Community

~ A Community is Only as Strong as its Generosity to Give to Those in Need