Our Jewelry

Jewelry Care

Our stones and metals should be handled with care and are sensitive to exposure to water and chemicals.

Please store your HopeAnchor & Crew Jewlery in the blush jewelry bag or in a dry dark area. 

Please do not leave children unattended with jewelry. 


Delivery Times

Our jewelry is handmade to order.

Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.



The table below shows our sizing in inches. While our bracelets do have some stretch to them, they are made with high-quality jewelry cord, rather than elastic and are not stretchy.  Please check your wrist circumference prior to ordering! 


Children's Sizes

 Infant 4.5 inches
Toddler 5 inches
Child 6 inches


Adult Sizes

 XS 6.5 inches
S 7 inches
M 7.5 inches
L 8 inches
XL 8.5 inches
XXL 9 inches